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Character Template Draft Empty Character Template Draft

Sat Sep 17, 2022 7:09 pm
Character Template Draft AH9SCae

Character Template Draft KIoBmjB

Name: Administra

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Race: Human

Class: Knight

Guild: White Wolves

Character Template Draft Z6Fifh5

Abyss Seed: Hawk Eye

Character Template Draft PxNxhzt

Hair: Green

Eyes: Yellow

Appearance: Administra is described as a beautiful woman with almond-shaped amber eyes and long dark verdant-green hair that reaches down to her lower back. Even though she is a woman, she generally tends to dress as a man (or at least very formally). Unsurprisingly, her impression changes if she wears a dress and smiles.

Likes: Combat

Dislikes: People who beat around the bush

Character Template Draft GOf9aay

Strength: 7

Agility: 4

Intelligence: 1

Vitality: 6

Endurance: 3

Character Template Draft HJqWPaH

Background: Nullam congue, augue sit amet ultrices tempor, lectus nisi posuere orci, non eleifend sem odio nec odio. Vivamus id enim eu leo lobortis eleifend. Etiam molestie et dui vitae efficitur. Aliquam non varius orci, ac ultricies mi. Phasellus finibus molestie libero. Sed quis magna accumsan, pulvinar odio in, faucibus est. Duis euismod id risus sed congue. Suspendisse vitae tellus iaculis, placerat nibh at, feugiat velit. Etiam sit amet mollis sem, id maximus massa. Suspendisse tincidunt tristique ante. Sed iaculis pulvinar ante, a sollicitudin eros. Ut facilisis eget mi ut tempor. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec iaculis ultricies suscipit.

Character Template Draft EdAApqj

Name: Ella Lindqvist

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Occupation: Chef

Born: Stockholm, Sweden

Residence: Stockholm, Sweden

Personality: While normally calm and serious, Lisa is honest, sincere, right, being the type of person who is destined to stand above others, though she has talent and has worked hard to reach where she is now. She prefers to act herself and has the pride of a warrior. Lisa is also gentle, often believing the false knowledge jokingly told to her by her companions, and sometimes displays an air-headed side. In combat, she is shown to be ruthless and reckless.

Background: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam et interdum nulla. Donec blandit ut turpis eget ultrices. Quisque eget tempor metus, sed pretium odio. Nunc sit amet ex eget sem vulputate varius non nec ipsum. Donec dignissim odio sit amet venenatis porttitor. Proin efficitur nulla molestie tortor pharetra lobortis. Aenean vehicula velit lorem, eget hendrerit arcu tincidunt vel. Etiam sed nulla finibus, dapibus nibh quis, varius dolor. Sed pellentesque erat dui, sit amet pharetra arcu dictum in. Curabitur ut dignissim ligula, at lobortis magna. Phasellus diam leo, tincidunt vitae euismod nec, convallis eget mi. Etiam aliquet elementum arcu at tristique. Nam vitae nulla ante. Pellentesque vitae lorem viverra, fringilla ligula ac, rutrum diam. Cras lobortis ligula vel lacus condimentum, ac iaculis tortor tempus.
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