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DICE ACTION: Each and every NPC follows a very specific set of rules to determine actions. This ranges from attacks, movement and even item drops. As a general rule of thumb, we use the dice system to perform a RNG roll. This rolled number will determine what action the NPC takes after your post, whether attacking or moving.
  • Example- Monster turn: Person A just posted an attack against a single monster, Monster A. After Person A makes their post, they will roll a dice labeled "Monster Action Dice" The number rolled will correlate directly to the monster information in the "Bestiary" So if in the bestiary Monster A has a chance to use a fireball if the Monster Action Dice rolls a 38, then the monster will perform the fireball attack. This is a pre-determined action through the RNG system and must be portrayed as such by the next player-writer in the rotation of the thread.

ENMITY: Enmity is .Logs' "threat" meter for determining which target an NPC may attack. Various factors will resolve before the monster makes a decision on whom to attack. Although it sounds complicated, it is not. Rather, the NPCs will always attack whomever has the highest amount of enmity. This level refreshes every turn the NPC makes.
  • Example-Tank Enmity: A tank class will typically have a higher enmity modifier than their damage output. So long as their enmity is higher than the damage-dealer(DPS), the tank will hold the NPC's attention while the DPS attack to reduce its health.

Enmity is not a cumulative process. It refreshes every turn of the NPC. Therefor, whoever has the highest Enmity just before the NPC's turn, will draw the attention of the NPC until the next turn of the NPC.
  • Example-Damage dealer: If the DPS does not care about their tank's enmity and the DPS performs a big attack just before the NPC's turn, the attention of the NPC may switch to the damage dealer. At least until the Tank or next person draws its attention.

As a general rule, most NPCs will have a simple meter of 100 Enmity. Various attacks and skills provide numerous amounts of Enmity, ranging from negative values, to full values. Some skills or attacks may reduce enmity and some skills may draw full enmity.

ENEMY SKILLS: Not all but many NPCs will have various skills, similar to players. Unlike a Dice Action, many skills are passive for NPCs and require little to no RNG rolls to activate. Some skills may require an RNG roll however.

ENEMY EQUIPMENT: Not all but many NPCs will have various equipment as well. Such as some NPCs like goblins may wield weapons or wear armor. Although their base attack value may be a lot lower, their total attack value may be amplified when using equipment. If this is the case, it will be notated in the Bestiary.
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