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Thu Oct 06, 2022 9:35 pm
Time Restrictions

The forum uses no real time tracking method, nor does the forum use its own calendar system. The few instances of referred time are usually OOC references for things such as posting rotation restrictions or holidays/events. Below are a list of optional forms of travel that explain various limitations in travel to include days/weeks. This is mostly for IC information. It does not mean traveling from one town to another takes actual days.

Land Travel
The most common form of travel is physical travel, whether by foot or mount. The majority of locations in any given server can be accessed by land travel unless specifically specified otherwise. Town to town can take weeks IC.
Air Travel
The second type of travel and by far less common, is the travel by air. Only certain events and mounts give access to travel to locations by air. More often than not, this type of travel is temporary and limited due to the sheer ease of travel. Air travel can take days but is more expedient than by foot.

Sea Travel
Just like air travel, sea travel provides similar forms of travel and limitations. Generally sea travel is used to get to islands or even locations beneath the waters' surface. Sea travel can take days but is more expedient than by foot.

Gate Travel
The final form of travel is through the gate. The gate is a teleportation network system in almost every major city and server. Travel between cities and servers are considered instantaneous when using the gate. There is usually a fee associated with gate travel however, usually imposed by the server itself.
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