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Thu Oct 06, 2022 9:35 pm
Every in-character post requires a minimum 150 word count.

Dialogue may not consist of more than 50% of a post. Physical action must be present in each post.

Due to the game-mechanics of the systems on .Logs, combat is fine-tuned into a specific set of actions. Unlike most forums that allow free movement, range and action based on the writer's imagination. .Logs uses a system to determine how many attacks, actions and movements any player character or NPC may make per post. As a general rule, this is only applicable when combat is initiated. Otherwise players may write, move and use skills freely. Misuse or abuse of this will be monitored and reprimanded.

There is a 48 hour real life wait period before any one person in a thread may be skipped. If persons A, B & C are threading together and person A doesn't post for 48hrs, then person B may post next- not person C.

Separate your actions, dialogue and thoughts. Use colors, quotation marks or symbols to separate the difference in actions and dialogue.

Post in paragraphs of no more than 5 to 10 sentences. Do not span the screen with extensive walls of text.

You may not edit your posts after an additional post has been made- whether by yourself or another member. Once a post has been written over, it may no longer be edited. If something must be edited, seek permission from a staff member first. Additionally, apply the reason you edited the post, in the post.

The maximum amount of threads any one member may participate at a given time, is 5 threads. This includes solo threads. Additionally, threads are limited to one region at a time. Such as Alpha Server. If you are posting in Alpha server, you may not start or participate in other threads in other servers.
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