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Thu Oct 06, 2022 9:55 pm
.LOGS(Short for Infinite .Logs Online) encourages members of all kinds and intends to make a thoroughly enjoyable roleplay forum environment. To that end, there are certain characteristics and toxic traits that we do not tolerate here. If you disagree with the reasons or the rules themselves, you should consider finding an alternative location to RP. Below is a list of pertinent information to use as a general rule of thumb for interacting with other members, both on forum and discord.

MEMBER-MEMBER: When dealing with other members in general, treat them with positive reinforcement. Give one another the benefit of doubt. Treat the other members as you would wish to be treated.

MEMBER-STAFF: When dealing with staff members, treat them as you would normal members. In addition to this, respect their time invested in maintaining the forum. Do not be overbearing and constantly message or ping staff to review your pending works. There are channels for this intended feature. Respect a staff members' decision even if you do not agree with it. Do not argue with them. Make your case clear once and if you feel you are being dismissed or treated improperly, bring your case to one of the Administrators WITH as much material to support your claims as possible. Whether it be screenshots or on site references. Hearsay is not a valid form of evidence.

STAFF-MEMBER: When dealing with regular members, treat them with care and the utmost respect and patience. A staff member's role is to maintain the integrity and well-being of the forum, in both a positive atmosphere and impartiality. Do not become dismissive of members. You are to remain impartial and uphold the tenets of the forum to the letter. 

STAFF-STAFF: When you are in a position of authority and responsibility, treat the other staff members accordingly. Along with the normal member interactions, do not step on the toes of the other staff or incite members to dislike another staff member. If you see another staff member being inappropriate, ask them to stop. Take screenshots if necessary, especially if it is a reoccurring issue. Report to Administrators.

Do not start or encourage drama, just don't. This can range from provoking someone to act or react a certain way to justify yourself. This can also constitute as disagreements with others or even staff. Don't fill the forum or discord channel with arguments, no matter how certain you are that you may be right or justified. Conflict is to be resolved in a peaceful or non-direct manner. If the issue persists, a staff member may take action to mute or ban you.

Just don't do it. There will always be someone or something we disagree with as an individual. Don't be sarcastic or insinuate negative or toxic implications. Examples of this would be snarky responses to emphasize your disagreement or disapproval.

This is a big one. Maybe you took personal offense to something someone else said or did. Do not go out of your way to make things difficult for them, regular member or not. Old grudges from other forums or discord channels hold no bearing here. Do not incite others to dislike or treat them poorly. Flaming, baiting & off-site harassment count as well.

This is a big no no. This is considered theft, punishable both on forum and legally. It's natural to use material on the internet for visual representation and inspirations. Be certain to give a respectable level of credit to the author/creators. Or at least state that you do not own rights to said material. Another thing to add to this is material from other forums. Do not copy/paste pre-written material from other forums for the purpose of fluffing your post count or short-cutting the systems.

Mature content is acceptable here, due to the copyrights of Forumotion being removed. However. Not every member is above the legal age of consent: therefor, it is an illegal action to involve them in mature content. As we cannot prove or disprove the age of every member, the atmosphere and writing material will remain PG13, unless you are posting in a thread with mature tags{Mature 18+]. Mature actions include aspects of erotic roleplay, as well as visual representations such as nudity or sexual content. Do NOT post nudity or pornography at all. Breaking this rule can result in a swift temporary or even permanent ban. If you wish to write about such things without reprimand, use the personal messages or even discord private messages.

There is a proper place to advertise. Any attempt to advertise out of these channels will be deleted and you will be warned. Continued misuse will result in a permanent ban.

This rule involved both the forum's systems as well as the members themselves. Examples of this would be loopholes or manipulation of the staff or systems. If something is unclear, ask for clarification. Don't intentionally use vague wording or implied meanings to justify anything not acceptable within the regulations or systems. If you see an issue, be helpful by pointing out a possible concern in the designated discord channel so that the staff may review it. Whether it be poorly worded regulations or items with broken/OP effects.

Zero toxic traits will be tolerated here. The purpose of the forum is to enjoy collaborative creative writing with others. If your only purpose in being here is to notch another win on your belt or brag about how you beat persons x, y & Z- then this forum isn't for you & I highly recommend finding another outlet for your toxic attitude. Staff will shut down toxic attitudes immediately. This can be from multiple times breaking the rules, targeting other members with vindictive attitudes or animosity, defaming members or the forum. Bragging, arrogance or other disdainful natures are included as well.

As a general rule of thumb- if you say you quit or give up on something, the staff will take that as an admittance of defeat or surrendering of possible rights or rewards. If you are frustrated, I recommend stepping back and allowing yourself to calm down before continuing. Saying "Nevermind, I give up" or "Forget it, I quit" but then you proceed to do the opposite of what you say, is seen as a form of drama as well as manipulations.

Tags are labels used for threads to give the other members a visible indication to specific rules or guidances in the thread they are going to participate in. Tags can range from many things- such as death enabled threads, social threads, training threads, etc. As a general rule- all threads are considered open unless the [closed] tag is included in the thread title. Additionally, all threads are death-enabled unless the [No Death] tag is included. There isn't a list of acceptable tags to use, just create tags that are clear to understand. Here are a few examples.
  • [Non-Death] Character death is not permitted in these topics. That being said, if combat with NPCs are involved, it is still possible to die. Manipulating other characters into dying will not be tolerated- you run the risk of your character dying instead.
  • [Closed] Threads with this tag are considered private and cannot be invaded through normal circumstances. A list of eligible participants must be included in the initial post of the thread. Late participants or late invites are not accepted.
  • [Combat] Threads with this tag denote PVP status. Player versus player combat. Enter at your own risk.
  • [Social] Threads with this tag imply a purely non-aggressive environment. Player combat is not allowed in threads with this tag.
  • [Event] Threads with this title are generally reserved for staff. Certain roles such as guild masters may use this tag as well when hosting pre-approved guild events.

If someone is breaking a rule, then please report them. Whether they are breaking a rule on the forum or in discord. The process of reporting a rule infringement is not a public spectacle. Provide screenshots and context as to what was wrong. Send this to a staff member. If it was a staff member who broke a rule, send the evidence to an administrator directly. Do not antagonize or bait them, as you will be held equal in fault. Do not say things like "I just reported you!"
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